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Touched by Aye Dragon Tail

Your Brain Helping You


This story begins with a happy event—the dragons celebrating Kidd’s birthday. But when the dragons start complaining and arguing, Kidd becomes angry and frustrated. He feels like his birthday is ruined, so he locks himself down below deck, cutting himself off from the dragons on the upper deck. Eventually, the dragons help Kidd calm down so he can think clearly, and everyone sails off on the Happy Trail.The upper deck represents the thinking part of the brain and the lower deck represents the emotional part of the brain. When these two parts of the brain are cut off, as illustrated by Kidd being trapped below deck, the result is poor decision-making and lack of empathy. To be happy, these two parts of the brain must be vertically integrated—thinking and feeling working together as a team.


Available on Kindle Edition for $3.99

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