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Mary Dewitt, LCSW

Mary DeWitt, LCSW

Location: Nevada City, CA.

208 Providence Mine Road 122, Nevada City, CA. 

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I help my clients to identify and address their issues as needed by using various strategies such as positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and play therapy.  I focus on working collaboratively and gently with each client to identify, develop and meet goals they want to achieve.   My end goals are for my clients to experience more happiness and contentment in their lives, to have positive relationships with others, and to deal more successfully with their various life challenges. 
I work with children, youth, and adults.  My past experience has included working with people with physical and cognitive (i.e., developmental) disabilities, children and youth, and seniors with health issues and their families regarding late-life issues. 

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