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Acknowledgment Of Terms Of Use:


Use of California Mental Health’s Provider Online Access Program ("E-Access") is subject to the terms and conditions of the Provider Online User Agreement. Use of E-Access is limited to only Authorized Users designated for a Provider, who has executed the Provider Online User Agreement.

Authorized User acknowledges that as an agent of said Provider s/he is bound by the terms of the Provider Online User Agreement.


HIPAA Compliance:


Authorized User will comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA").        


Privacy and Security:


Authorized User agrees to not divulge or share his/her E-Access account identity and/or password. Authorized User will immediately change any password that has been compromised.   


Proprietary Rights:


All rights, titles, and interests (including all copyrights, trademark, and other intellectual property rights) in E-Access belong to California Mental Health. In addition, the names, images, pictures, logos, and icons are proprietary marks that belong to California Mental Health. The unauthorized access, use or modification of this or any other computer systems or networks or of the data contained therein or in transit there to/there from is strictly prohibited.

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