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Credentialing – You Can’t Afford Not To Have It


Medical professionals all across the United States face similar challenges. With decreasing reimbursements and increasing denial rates, mental health providers are seeing a serious impact on their practice. In addition, as insurance carrier and HIPAA requirements change, providers are dedicating more of their time and resources to administrative tasks and red tape.


Providers must obtain credentialing and become part of an insurance network. Without credentialing in place, a practice will be unable to provide care for patients covered by an insurance company.  This would limit your practice to cash clients only.   


The credentialing process is complicated, time-consuming and costly....and that's when it goes smoothly. When you factor in complications such as delays and frequently changing requirements this already lengthy, burdensome process takes significant time away from patient care. We will take the time-consuming paperwork and phone calls associated with credentialing off your hands, so you can focus on what you do best – providing the highest level of behavioral health services to your patients.


California Mental Health (CMH) is a behavioral health group that is credentialed with insurance companies throughout California. We provide a billing service for behavioral health professionals so you can be liberated of tedious billing and remittance tasks.  We want to help the small business professionals get started, focus on patient care, so your practice will thrive.


We can begin credentialing you today with insurance companies that are already under the group and waiting to receive your application. We have the capability to transmit claims electronically to insurance carriers. CMH will aggressively monitor EOBs and payments to ensure the highest possible reimbursement rate.  Our staff will regularly follow up on the progress of your claims to make sure you are receiving prompt and correct payments.


Let’s get started today. Give us a call.


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