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Parenting with the Whole Brain

On-line course coming soon!

Parenting with the Whole Brain is a holistic approach to parenting. Even the most caring, educated parents often don’t understand their child’s developing brain. The brain plays a central role in a child’s life. It influences the way a child feels, thinks, and acts.


The 10-week Parenting with the Whole Brain course uses the latest scientific research to present basic information about a child’s brain. It also provides strategies and suggestions for responding to children in ways that prevent confrontations and build healthy parent-child connections.


Included in the course are 10 children's books—the Touched by Aye Dragon Tail series. The characters and situations in the stories go hand-in-hand with the information presented in the course for parents. The stories are designed to be read-aloud by a parent to a child and then discussed together. By discussing the important points in the stories, children learn how to apply whole-brain strategies to situations in their daily life.


An online version of this course will be available soon. If you would like to be notified when it is available, please contact Kathy McVicker at

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